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Uniontown Septic Tanks Recommends JET.

When choosing to replace a component that’s critical to the health and well being of your family, as well as your property values, why choose to take the risk with a company that does not have the experience, quality and commitment of Jet Inc.? Only Jet has a wastewater aerator product certified by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to work effectively in Jet’s aerated systems which provide a clean discharge that meets state and local regulations. Only the original Jet wastewater aerator provides full access to our complete product support network. This includes Jet's in-house customer service, technical support staff, and Uniontown Septic Tanks factory trained on site service technicians. You don’t get that kind of support from any of the aftermarket companies. A cheap after-market wastewater aerator may reduce your purchase price, but it does not save you money when you have to replace it every 1-2 years. Jet wastewater aerators have demonstrated outstanding performance by operating in the field for 5, 10, 15, and even as long as 40 years!

Only Jet has been designing, selling and supporting wastewater aerators since 1955. This experience allows them to provide reliable performance in the hostile environment inside of a treatment tank. If you want to compare features, check out the table below.
Jet Aerator Features
To highlight the benefits of buying an authentic Jet Aerator: Only Jet offers a lifetime aerator exchange program. If your Jet aerator should ever fail, you can exchange it at a discounted price and get a new warranty if the original warranty has expired.
  • NSF certification on your Jet System will be void if you install a cheap knock-off aerator. Surely you won’t hear that from the companies trying to sell you their inferior products. When your system is inspected by a local health official, you will likely be forced to replace the aftermarket aerator.
  • Only Jet aerators provide an exact amount of mixing and air to our patented BAT media plant, producing a clear odorless discharge.
  • Whether you call it a; Jet septic pump, Jet air pump, Jet arator, Jet blower, Jet mixer, Jet motor, Jet airator, Jet arrator, Jet aireator, Jet stirrer, Jet agitator, Jet septic mixer, Jet mixer, Jet areator, Jet septic motor, Jet septic air pump or an aerator, Jet’s aerator is Simply Better™, it’s guaranteed. Jet’s aerators carry our 30 month warranty and our Lifetime Exchange Policy.
Don’t take a chance on inferior aerators; keep your system in compliance with regulatory standards and operating in its legally mandated configuration with the original high quality Jet Aerator installed and maintained by Uniontown Septic Tanks.
Note: To avoid damaging your system always contact Uniontown Septic Tanks your Jet Certified Distributor before scheduling tank pumping or maintenance.
Contact Us: For more information on our Jet residential wastewater treatment plant, please contact us at 330-699-3386 or 1-800-281-0896